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Hello Friends. SoCal Airflow Pros is in your city and you are just a call away to schedule service. We will be glad to answer any of your air conditioning or heating... More

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Our team is always on the lookout for your satisfaction and well being when servicing your air conditioning and heating systems. Feel free to give us a call anytime you have questions about our products and services. Thank You SoCal Airflow... More

Don't Get Caught in a Heat Wave

Getting caught in a triple digit heat wave with a broken air conditioner makes for a unpleasant day and trying to sleep in a hot house can leave you exhausted. Air conditioning companies experience some of their highest service calls during peak... More

Spring cleaning AC Tune ups

Notice this first picture with a soapy AC unit. This tech thinks he is doing a service for his client although the only thing this tech is doing is washing the metal casing. Notice in the other three photos the top is taken off and the system is... More

Nows the time to get your attic insulated while the weather is cool

Making time for heating and air conditioning service will save you in the long run, you could be loosing approximately 25% heat out of your roof in the Winter and in the Summer your attic can reach 120 and over and will make it harder to cool your... More

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This post comes from Yelp by J. L. I recently purchased a home in Mission Viejo California that was built in 1971. Unfortunately the home had the original furnace and it was 44 years old and no central air and or window or wall air conditioning... More