Socal Airflow Pro's Heating and Air Conditioner Service

Get your attic insulated now for lower rates

As it starts to get warmer later next month your attic will get very hot. We are offering reduced rates for attic insulation now while your attic is much cooler to work in. Help reduce your heating and cooling costs, keep your home comfortable, and... More

Carbon Monoxide Safety Warning a Silent Killer

Safety Warning: Folks if your heater does not work never use your oven, or stove to heat your home. Do not shut the vent on your fire place to produce more heat. Burning natural gas produces carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is an odorless,... More

Attic HVAC Installation

Today we finished removing a client's old heater from her closet and installed the new system in the attic. This gave the client more space in her house. Also, see how the old AC has copper and electrical lines left out to the sun and weather,... More

We guarantee our diagnostics to be accurate or 100% of your money back!

A lot of us are running our heaters much more with this weather. Make sure you have a fresh filter in your furnace to prevent airflow restrictions and over heating. If you have a furnace failure we are typically out within 24 hours of your phone... More

Full HVAC system change out

This is the quality homeowners need. When it comes to a full system change out most homeowners do not know what they are missing out on when they have the work performed by a "typical" heating and AC... More