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Fountain Valley, California

Heating and Air Conditioner Repair In Fountain Valley, CA

At SoCal Airflow Pros, we first-hand understand how brutal the summer can be, especially in Southern California. You will be in for a rough summer if you do not have a functioning heating and air conditioning unit. This is why our company is committed to offering you a range of services on your air conditioning systems when you need them the most in Fountain Valley, CA.

Does my Air Conditioning Unit Require Professional Service?

While it might be relatively easy to notice when something is off with your air conditioning unit, the best way to avoid mishaps is to look for signs that your unit is underworking and may require a professional to look at it. If problems are detected early and fixed, you can save a lot of money on repairs and, in some cases, the entire replacement of the unit. Reach out to us if you notice any of the following:
  • Your unit is distributing warmer air than usual.
  • The cost of your energy bill is rising.
  • You hear strange sounds.
  • You have to turn up your system for it to work optimally
  • You experience unpleasant odors from your unit
  • The air around your space is too humid or dry.

Cleaning your air conditioner or replenishing its fluids can go a long way in saving you money in the future. If your unit is over 15 years old, it may finally be time to consider replacing it. But in most cases, all your system needs for it to return to regular operation is a quick fix or a routinely scheduled maintenance service. Each of these signs may indicate that your system is due a maintenance check by our HVAC technicians.

Quality Services

Think about the air conditioning unit in your home; when last did you inspect its condition? Have a professional come through to maintain it since you moved into your house? If you cannot remember the last time you had your system checked, you might be at an increased risk of something going wrong at an inconvenient time.

Though many homeowners do not give much thought to their HVAC systems, any owner that has experienced an unforeseen outage can tell you that it is pretty uncomfortable. In changing seasons such as humid summer months and winters that are freezing, you can bet that not having a functioning HVAC system will be uncomfortable to you and your loved ones at best, but on the flip chance, it can also become deadly. The best preventative measure you can tackle is to schedule annual maintenance to keep everything running optimally.

We are confident that our team of professionals is well suited to locate any problems in your system and enforce the required solution. However, our customers benefit greatly when they allow us to perform maintenance services on their systems. During our maintenance, you can expect t our technicians to:
  • Inspect your AC unit.
  • Test out the thermostat.
  • Inspect your filter and replace it if necessary.
  • Turn on and fully cycle your equipment.

Regardless of whatever system you have in place, you can count on us to provide these and many more services as we offer quality maintenance services, installations, or repairs.

SoCal Airflow Pros Fountain Valley location is well-known for providing the highest quality heating and air conditioning services available in the market.

The City of Fountain Valley is located in the heart of Orange County just minutes from many points of interest.

Fountain Valley, CA is recognized for its rich agricultural history. The city is home to 54,745 people, so living in Fountain Valley offers the benefit of small-city living with the perks of a larger city. One fun fact about the city is that it’s home to many parks and is just a short drive away from scenic Huntington Beach.

The highly-trained and talented team in Fountain Valley is ready to provide all of the heating and cooling services to meet your residential and business needs. We are experts in all HVAC services and ready when you may need.


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