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How Often Does An Air Conditioning Unit Need To Be Serviced?

How Often Does an Air Conditioning Unit Need to be Serviced?

Servicing an air conditioner is important considering the air conditioner units performance depends on it. Even the best air conditioners can lose their functionality and performance if you do not take care of them seriously. However, how often does an air conditioning unit needs to be serviced?

We have lined up some pointers that can help indicate the right time to get your AC serviced.

While the optimal air conditioner servicing time varies for everyone, twice-yearly is a good frequency to get your unit checked. The best time is to get it serviced once in fall and once during spring. This way you will have the best air conditioning unit performance throughout the year and no performance issues.

The HVAC contractors focus on the heating and the furnace system to help you stay warm during the winter season. Whereas, the professionals help improve the HVAC system against humidity during the spring season.

While twice and year should suffice for best air conditioner servicing, some other signs may also indicate that you need an air conditioner service.

6 Signs That You Need to Service your Air Conditioner

Following are some signs that indicate your air conditioning unit needs to be serviced.

1. Warm Air

It is time to check your air conditioning system if you feel warm air blowing out of the outlet. However, there are a few checks you need to perform first. For instance, check if the AC is on cooling mode, and check if the thermostat is adjusted.

While performing DIY fixes on your air conditioning system seems tempting, we suggest you do not do it. It is because most people do not know how HVAC systems work, despite thinking so.

Most air conditioning unit owners end up damaging their systems rather than fixing them, complicating things further. A professional handyman can look into the system for you, and diagnose the problem right away.

2. Insufficient Air Flow

Poor airflow indicates there is a possible blockage in the HVAC system. This blockage can not only prevent the cool air from circulating indoors but can also heat your HVAC system in severe cases. Following are some common reasons for poor airflow:

  • Clogged air filter
  • Broken motor
  • Power issues

It is important to take a timely decision and call a professional for air conditioner unit servicing. The professional can identify the exact problem for poor airflow, and determine the best course of action for it. Note that this kind of issue happens mostly because of compressor problems, or the air ducts, which both require professional servicing.

3. Unpleasant Odor

An HVAC system is primarily designed to help users stay comfortable indoors, rather than making them feel sick. However, it is important to get your air conditioning system checked if an unpleasant odor persists in the system. It is one of the most common signs that something is wrong with your AC.

A poor smell from your HVAC possibly means that your unit has contamination and impurities in it. These contaminations not only produce a foul smell but also compromise the air quality you breathe. AC owners need to reach out to professionals and get the unpleasant odor checked as soon as possible.

4. Sounds from the Air Conditioning Unit

Different sounds can come from your AC, indicating that you need instant repairs and improvements in the system. Remember that most sounds come from the HVAC outdoor unit, and getting it serviced on time can prevent the issue from worsening over time.

While the technician can identify the exact problem in the system, the following are some common AC sound noises you should look into.

  • Clicking sound while running

The clicking sound in air conditioning units usually comes from obstructions with the outdoor unit fan. It is best to ask the technician to check the fan and get the obstacle removed from the outdoor unit to end the clicking sound.

  • Clicking Sound and Not Working

Electrical issues with one or more components in the HVAC system can stop the unit from operating, and also have a clicking sound in the system.

  • Gurgling and Bubbling Sound

The condensate drain line usually causes a bubbling sound in the air conditioner. However, the system refrigerant can also cause this problem, which is a more severe complication you should check for.

5. Malfunctioning Thermostat

The thermostat regulates the temperatures, determines energy consumption, cooling distribution, and much more. It is like the brain of the HVAC system, which tells each component the duration to operate.

If an air conditioning unit operates for a short time or stops working altogether, chances are that it has issues with the thermostat. Unfortunately, most thermostat issues cannot be fixed, and owners need to replace the component with a new one. However, you should consult with a professional technician before deciding what to do.

6. Frequent Repairs

While air conditioner repairs are common, it is important to see how frequently you get them done. Repairing once in a blue moon is not a problem, but chances are that you need servicing for your unit if it is on weekly basis. Systems that have recurrent performance issues usually have a bigger problem.

Thus, calling a professional technician to diagnose the problem, and find a one-time solution for the problem is wise in the long run. Moreover, the technician may also suggest you invest in a new HVAC system altogether.

Always think of the repair and purchase costs in the long run. It is best to replace the unit if you are constantly spending on repairing your older air conditioning unit. A newer one comes with a performance warranty, energy-efficient performance, and several perks, making the cooling process much more efficient.

Bottom Line

Deciding the right time for an air conditioning unit to be serviced plays an essential role for machine owners. It saves them from spending money on useless fixes and gives the best solutions on time. It is best to consult with a professional before taking a final decision.