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7 Tips On How To Keep Cool During The SoCal Summer

Southern California has bright sunny days in summer, which allows the residents to enjoy many fun activities. California has a current cooling off-shore, which increases with upwelling cold subsurface waters and a breezy sensation along the coastal line in California.

The average temperatures range between 76°F between July and September, which are the prime summer days. On the other hand, nighttime temperatures in California fall to 67°F. While you can engage in different outdoor activities, it is essential to stay cool through the sunny season. You can do this by following some simple tips and tricks.

Let’s look at some of the best ways to stay relaxed, whether you are outside or want to stay in for a fun day.

Sun Protection

The best way to keep yourself cool and protect your skin from damage while outdoors is to use sunblock during the day. You can find sunscreens of different brands and quality, but it is essential to choose a sunscreen with a 35 SPF rating as it will prevent the ultraviolet lights from damaging your skin. Using the correct sunblock can help avoid sunburns, skin sensitivity, and other problems.

Drink Plenty of Fluids

Cold drinks are an excellent option to beat the heat, but you cannot drink them in large quantities because of excessive sugar. In this case, water or homemade lemonade are a healthier alternative and can be quite refreshing during the SoCal summers.

In addition, it is best to avoid caffeine-filled drinks like tea or coffee because they can dehydrate the body. We also suggest avoiding alcohol during the summers because it can impact your health.

Summer at Home Choices

Your indoor space can be super comfortable if you know how to manage the temperature indoors. You can choose between two different options.

If you want to cool down the indoors without switching on the AC, you can turn on the fans, slide open the doors and let cross-ventilation do its job. Try placing a bowl full of ice in front of the fan to create a cool mist in the room, and enjoy staying indoors.

Fun Activities during summer

You can choose from plenty of fun activities in SoCal during the summer. For example, hitting the local beach is one of the best ways to cool yourself down. You can also resort to a private pool if you do not want to handle large crowds. You do not have anything to worry about if you follow the safety rules at the beach or in your private pool.

Water Sports Options

California water bodies are best for people who love water sports like surfing, kayaking, swimming, stand-up paddle-boarding, etc. If you are looking for something more adventurous, we suggest charting a boat in the afternoon and sailing into the incredible sunset after a long and fun day at the beach. You can also take a water dive or go for a short snorkeling trip under safety and supervision.

Climate Controlled Fun

Many public spaces like malls are great places to shelter you from the scorching heat. You can sit and enjoy yourself in your favorite café, read a book, and have a drink (with less sugar).

People who love to eat can add cold salad or cold foods like ice cream to their meals during the summer season. You can also find a shady spot and plan a family picnic to make the SoCal summers more memorable.

Prepare Your HVAC System for Summers

You cannot enjoy staying indoors without proper air conditioning. Therefore, installing an HVAC system indoors is one of the main things you should do before summers. If you already have an HVAC, make sure to inspect it and check if it’s working fine.

In the case of any issue, don’t go for the DIY approach. You can contact professionals to get your AC repaired or replaced depending on its condition.

Note that homeowners need to choose the right HVAC system for their property and maintain it regularly. You can also schedule an HVAC inspection with professionals and ensure that you stay cool in SoCal during the summer season. It will also help you avoid future trouble with cooling during the rest of the year.

Bottom Line

Battling the SoCal summer heat is not as difficult as it may sound as there are plenty of ways to make the days more comfortable and relaxed. Stay hydrated, use sun blocks, enjoy water sports and most importantly maintain your HVAC. We recommend ensuring your HVAC system works correctly before the summertime begins.

You can reach out to our professionals at Social Air Flows Pro to get a full HVAC unit check and enjoy the summers.