10 Signs that you Need Air Conditioner Repair

In this article, we will discuss the ten most common signs and problems in your cooling unit that will likely require the expertise and experience of an air conditioner repairman. Keep in mind that if you monitor minor changes in your air conditioner (AC), you will be able to know the cause of the problem, or at least know you are experiencing significant issues that warrant hiring a specialist.

1. Malfunctioning AC Thermostat

The thermostat of an air conditioner is the main part of the system. It communicates with the air conditioning system and indicates the amount of cold air needed to keep a room comfy. Moreover, the thermostat also measures, ensuring that your AC is doing its job accurately. If your AC unit works for a few minutes before shutting down or simply doesn’t turn on, this is a sign of a major problem. In this case, your thermostat cannot determine if your AC unit is working or not.

Keep in mind that if you are experiencing this problem, you should contact an experienced and trained air conditioner repairman as soon as possible. Don’t try to solve this problem on your own since your HVAC has several electrical wires and other parts. And without any background in AC repair, you should not handle these wires.

2. Frequent Cycles

Did you know that your AC goes through regular cooling cycles, no matter what the weather is outside? While your space needs more cooling on hot and sunny days, your system will turn on more frequently. In other words, during sunny days, your cooling system should not undergo cooling cycles constantly.

However, if you observe this problem, it is usually indicative of various issues and concerns. The expert you hire will tune your air conditioner to improve the operation of the system. In worst cases, they may suggest that you replace your air conditioner.

3. Air Blowing Out of Vents

Weak airflow is another one of the most common problems that you may have to face. You can notice cool air coming out of your AC. However, if the amount of air is less, it can make it hard to circulate the air throughout the entire space.

Typically, this is a sign of a failing compressor. However, it also indicates problems with the ducts in your AC. The air conditioner technician will recommend you have the system serviced. They may also check every part of the HVAC system in order to ensure that nothing can impact your cooling system in the future.

4. Warm Air Blows Out of Vents

When you observe warm air blowing out of the AC vents, you need to check your thermostat. Check whether it is switched on to cooling mode and working at a lower temperature than your room. Not to mention, if your vents still blow out warm air, then there may be a problem with your compressor or airflow.

To repair your AC, the expert will check different parts of the AC and make sure that everything is working properly. They may also replace some parts to make sure the system works properly without causing problems in the future.

5. Water Leaks

Various refrigerants help your AC system to cool your room as well as generate condensation while working. This process can cause the accumulation of fluids, leading to leaks in your unit.

An active leak or pooled water around your AC is an indication that your system is not working optimally. Don’t forget that these leaks can damage your furniture, the foundation of your home, and other things near the source of the leak. In other words, it can lead to severe and expensive repairs in your house. So, make sure to call a professional before things get out of hand.

6. Bad Odors

You also need to know that you can smell unpleasant and pungent odors from your HVAC system. Not only will these smells make your room uncomfortable, but they will also be a sign of a serious issue. This is why you need to deal with it before things get worse.

A qualified and skilled maintenance specialist will do a quick check-up on your AC. Depending on the situation, they may service your system or clean it.

If the problem needs more than cleaning, they may opt for a different solution. Some experts also use Ultraviolet (UV) lamps to prevent microbial growth in your cooling unit.

7. Strange Noises

It is evident that if you hear strange noises from an electrical device or system, it indeed has some technical problems. A malfunctioning AC can cause a range of surprising noises and sounds that may prevent you from using the cooling system.

If you hear a clicking sound, it’s a sign that something is stuck in your fan. So, if your outdoor unit clicks but doesn’t turn on, it can be an electrical issue.

You also need to make repairs if your condensate drain makes a gurgling sound or your indoor unit makes a squealing sound. On top of that, you might also hear a high-pitched or hissing noise that occurs due to a faulty compressor.

8. Frequent Repairs

Generally, people don’t think about it, but if you have to make frequent repairs and change multiple components of your unit in a short span of time, it’s time to think about replacement. It is not a wise move to shell out money every now and then on your system.

Your expert will look at the overall condition of your air conditioner so that you can make the right decision. Of course, it might not be feasible for you to spend significant money on the replacement. But getting a new AC will be much more economical for you than repairing it, especially in the long run.

9. Increase in Humidity

Few people know that considerable humidity in your house can be a reason for your failing AC system. If there is a significant amount of humidity in your space, it means that your system is no longer eliminating humidity from your space.

It is important to note that humidity can lead to mold and mildew growth in your HVAC system, and in fact, in your house as well. This problem can also cause chronic health conditions and is dangerous for your family’s health. In other words, you need to fix the issue as soon as possible to ensure good family health.

10. Spikes in Utility Costs

Your utility bill is another thing that helps you ensure whether your system is working properly or not. If your bills lead to exorbitant costs, the efficiency of your AC system may be declining.

So, if you obverse an increase in your electricity cost that doesn’t sync with the usage of your AC, then you need to call an air conditioning repairman to check the problems in the thermostat or ductwork.

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, there are several signs that your air conditioner may need repairing. Some of them are easily noticeable, while others may need a bit of understanding of how the AC works. The easiest way to deal with these problems is to hire a skilled and fully equipped air conditioner maintenance specialist, like SoCal. We will inspect and fix your system and make sure that the problem doesn’t occur again.






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